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Wild Romania

There are only a few places in Europe where wildlife still exists in its original form, and Romania is one of them: mountains and valleys without access routes, virgin forests, the most extended large carnivore population on the continent and last but not least, the unique and magnificent Danube Delta.

With an incredible natural heritage, Romania remains one of the largest and most important biodiversity points that Europe still has. Without the fame of the Alps or the Himalayan mountains, the Carpathians fascinate with their terrifying wildness, and the Danube Delta, the youngest Romanian land, does not cease to amaze with its uniqueness and beauty over the last 10,000 years.

We invite you in a unique 12-days adventure that crosses Romania from east to west.

A journey of awareness and overcoming the limits. It is the minimal effort that Romania needs in order to be able to display everything that is most valuable to the curious eyes: that unique wilderness so appreciated by those who travel overseas, to be able to perceive it and live it.

We promise you will be part of the most courageous approach that Romania has ever had.

Nights spent under the sky full of stars, adventure and adrenaline on the water and on the land, and a young team of certified guides that becomes your road trip companions and with whom you can gather the most beautiful memories.

Shortly … Wild Romania.


Day 1

  • Trekking and Adventure in the Macin Mountains – trail for beginners – Tutuiatu Peak
  • Picnic on the top of the mountain and the contemplation of the beauty of Dobrogea
  • Iacobdeal Lake and pictures at sunset
  • Camping, campfire, fresh air, stories under the starry sky and the lights of Dobrogea below your feet

Day 2

  • Adventure with kayaks on the Razim Lake – the largest freshwater lake in Romania – route of approx. 12 km for beginners and advanced
  • Swimming, sunbath and good cheer on the wild beaches of the Black Sea in the Danube Delta, picnic and nature contemplation
  • Evening with campfire, plenty of hops and food

Day 3

  • 1 day on the wild beaches of the Black Sea

Day 4

  • Last hours on the Black Sea beaches
  • Return with kayaks in Jurilovca
  • Camping and rest because a long way awaits us

Day 5

  • Fascinating wildlife in Harghita county
  • Unique experience: looking for the wild bears at the bear observatory in the heart of the forest, where you can meet around 6-8 bears every evening
  • Well-deserved relaxation and delicious dishes.
  • Afterwards free time to enjoy sitting into a hot water basin (tub), called “ciubar” in the courtyard of the guesthouse

Day 6

  • Adventure tour in the IVO wild park
  • Picnic with local specialities
  • Horseback riding with Icelandic horses at the maneuver in Izvoare. Riding lesson in the special track in the middle of the wilderness
  • Afterwards free time to enjoy sitting into a hot water basin (tub), called “ciubar” in the courtyard of the guesthouse

Day 7

  • Adrenaline on the Romanian rivers: Rafting on Olt river – trail of approx. 25 km for beginners and advanced. Level of difficulty: Easy.
  • Lunch
  • Trekking around the volcanic lake known for the largest bear population – St. Ana Lake
  • Romanian Taiga – Mohos Tinov – a fascinating world waiting to be discovered. Trekking and adventure

Day 8

  • Cerna Valley Trekking and breathtaking panoramas. We are a few hours away from the isolated hamlets of Romania in the Cernei Mountains
  • Inelet and Scarisoara, the isolated hamlets and the undiscovered paradise from the Cernei Mountains
  • Camping, dinner and campfire in a story frame. Starry sky and stories among friends

Day 9

  • Wonderful sunrise, hot coffee and breakfast in the Cernei Mountains
  • Short trekking rounds to Scarisoara hamlet and surroundings
  • Picnic by the river
  • Free time to enjoy the nature in the hammocks surrounded by beautiful panoramas
  • Campfire, dinner and moonlight pictures

Day 10

  • Trekking from Inelet back to Cerna Valley
  • Camping in a surpise camping near the Danube River
  • Dinner in the camping
  • Evening with drinks and stories among friends

Day 11

  • Cazanele Dunarii – one – day adventure with kayaks
  • Half-day trip with kayaks: Cazanele Mari, Cazanele Mici, Decebal’s Face, Punicova Cave, Veterani Cave
  • Traditional picnic
  • Dinner in a beautiful camping
  • Joyful evening and good-bye memories.

Day 12

  • Trekking on Ciucaru Mare Mountains, closed to Cazanele Dunarii. Wonderful panoramas
  • Return to Bucharest. Warm lunch on the way back.

12 Amazing Days

Day 1

Macin Mountains

* It is 7 o'clock in the morning and we are ready for 12 days of pure adventure deep into the wildest corners of Romania. We take the luggage and drive to the ancient lands of the Macin Mountains. Dobrogea and especially the north part represented by the Macin Mountains have always been a land of particular interest from all historical, ethnographic, geographic, climatic, geological and ecological points of view. In the first part of the day we have a trekking tour up to the Tutuiatu Peak. Although these mountains are not higher than 467 m, they offer a special view that justifies the millennial interest of the empires for these lands. Up on top of the mountain we enjoy a short picnic and then we head back to the base of the mountain

* Before sunset we reach the edge of the Iacobdeal Lake, a good place for pictures. In the evening we will camp in a special place, we will enjoy the dinner prepared by the fire and we will socialize around the firecamp. From there up we have a great panorama, admiring the Dobrogea's lights below our feet

* Sleep

Day 2

Wild beaches of Black Sea

* We take the luggage and drive to the wild beaches of the Black Sea. Destination and first stop: Razim, the largest freshwater lake in Romania

* We launch kayaks on the water and paddle about 10 kilometers while enjoying the magnificent spectacle of nature

* Once we arrived on the wild beaches of the Black Sea, we camped near an old fishing house, currently abandoned

* We're looking for that special place, where we can be alone with the sea, and where the stars are best seen during the night

* We mount the tents and then we can explore the beach, swimm into the Black Sea or start getting to know each other

Day 3

Gura Portitei

* Coffee and snack

* We have a day of well-deserved relaxation. We have time to enjoy the waves and have fun kayaking in the energetic waters of the Sea

* For a few hours we will explore an isolated place between the Delta and the Sea: Gura Portitei port. An adventure through the sand awaits us

*In the evening we gather around the campsite and enjoy the stories told around the campfire

Day 4

Back to Jurilovca

* Who is eager to wake up in the morning will have the chance to admire the sunrise. The others can sleep one hour longer before the breakfast. A new day of adventure is waiting for us on the kayaks

* Paddle back to Jurilovca, get out on the shore and load the kayaks in the trailer

* We have a long road to the center of the country

* We spend the evening in a mountain campsite. Here you can enjoy hot showers and cooked food

Day 5

Tha 7 Stairs Canyon

* We wake up in the early hours of the morning, eat something fast and start on the road

* Today we have a surprise for you. One of the most spectacular canyons in Romania. For 3-4 hours we will let ourselves be conquered by the incredible beauty of the canyon

* After trekking through the canyon, we return to the cars and reach the final destination of this day

* We leave the luggage in a wonderful traditional location with tasty food that will host us for the following nights. Around 5:00 o’clock p.m., accompanied by a forest guard we will go deeply into the wildlife. We will walk in a complete silence through the forest for about 700-meters

* Afterwards we arrive in a modern bear observer, equiped to receive up to 30 people inside. From the comfortable seats we admire through the glass windows the show offered by the bears came to feed themselves. Mama bear with its babies, solitary adult bears, or even foxes, will provide us with a unique experience that not many of us had the chance to live before. Everything is taking place in the forest natural environment, where people did not influence the natural course of nature

* In the evening we retire to the rustic guesthouse where we are expected with a delicious dinner and relaxing moments

Day 6

Wild Harghita

* It is the 6th day and we are preparing ourselves for other unique experiences. Around 9:30 a.m. we are ready for the first unprecedented experience of this day: the meeting with our “guide” Iuliska ... a Carpathian female hart! In the heart of the Oriental Carpathians, for about 3 hours, we will follow Iuliska along the 320 hectares of the natural environment where 200-250 carpathian deers, fallow deers, roe deer and about 70 mufflons, hares, black storks and various birds are living together

* Afterwards we spend the second half of the day in a very special place: an Icelandic horseshoe maneuver and a special track for workouts in the middle of the wilderness. Divided into two groups, we will experience riding on these docile horses. If we have time, we have prepared a surprise visit to a wonderful waterfall in the area. In the evening, the delicious dinner and the red wine give us another well-deserved relaxation

* Afterwards free time to enjoy sitting into a hot water basin (tub), called “ciubar” in the courtyard of the guesthouse

Day 7

Rafting in waters of Olt River

* We wake up early to enjoy our coffee and take the breakfast. We are looking forward to a day full of adrenaline with rafting and trekking around the volcanic lake, that is famous for the biggest bears population in Romania!

* Around 10:00 a.m. we prepare ourselves for the rafting on the Olt River. It's a 25-kilometer-long route with easy difficulty, so everyone can participate in this experience even if it has not tried this type of activity before. Be prepared for pure adrenaline! Note: there may be periods when the water level is insufficient for rafting

* Lunch is served in a nearby location. In the second half of the day we experience a trekking tour of about 2-3 hours around St. Ana's volcanic lake. We walk around this lake surrounded by the dense forest and afterwards we continue the route to the twin volcanic crater, not far away and where there is an atypical phenomenon of our country’s climate: Romanian Taiga

* Thousands of years old trees struggling for survival, layers of moss that have been deposited during tens and hundreds of years one upon another in order to form a soft carpet that sinks under the weight of the foot, and even carnivorous plants that fight for survival in this special microclimate. In the evening we sleep in the wonderful camping on the shores of St. Ana Lake

* Campfire and the sky with lots of stars

Day 8

Isolated villages from Cerna Mountains

* We have breakfast and we prepare for a new radical landscape change

* At the midday we reach the Cerna Valley, where a 3-hour trekking tour is waiting for us

* 2 hours along the famous stairs that reach the Inelet hamlet (short version). 100 meters of wooden stairs divided into 4 segments. Pure adrenaline

* At the end of this tour we reach a point that could very well describe Heaven on Earth: Inelet, the isolated hamlet from the Cerna Mountains

* We stretch our tents on a green meadow with fruit trees and a panorama directly to the peaks of the nearby mountains and get ready for another night spent under the moonlight. Afterwards, we start preparing our food and enjoy the evening together. Sleep

Day 9

Inelet & Scarisoara - Heaven on Earth

* Who wakes up early in the morning lights up the gas tank and prepares coffee, waiting for the sunrise. A full day of relaxation is waiting for us

* Optional, you can relax in the hammock

* After lunch we take a short trekking route to a second isolated hamlet, Scarisoara where we enjoy the wildness and the beauty of nature

* Picnic near the river

* Our friends will take care of the evening meal. A traditional farmhouse in the middle of the mountains. Campfire and story-telling

Day 10

Eselnita & Danube RIver

* Day 10 brings a new surprise

* We take a small snack, we gather the tents and we prepare to move the camp

* We descend to the Cerna Valley and settle our tents in a camping on the edge of Danube River, surrounded by firs and mountains all around

* We enjoy a hot water shower and then relax in the pool from the yard. Lunch and dinner will be served by our host

Day 11

Danube Gorges

* We wake up early in the morning, eat quickly, leave the luggage in the camping, and get ready for the last day of adventure

* And how can we end better our incredible 12-days trip than with an adventuress day with kayaks in the Danube Gorges

* There is a one-day adventure on water

* Around 04:00pm, we stop at a special place on the Danube shore, where we serve a lunch with traditional local dishes

* After the feast we return to the camping

* We enjoy a beautiful night toghether for the last time, before returning to Bucharest next day. Sleep

Day 12

Ciucaru Mare

* After the breakfast we start packing our luggage and drive to Bucharest

* But not before a 40-minute trekking route

* The last memories made in this adventure will be on the top of Ciucaru Mare Mountain with the photo cameras in our hands

* You will meet wonderful landscapes

* On the way back, we can stop for a warm, optional lunch. And if you think the story ends here, here it is not

* Before we reach the capital, we stop to a surprise sight

* From there on, we drive to Bucharest

We can also customize the tour depending on the number of days you have available.


What is included in the price for the 12-days trip:

  • 3 accompanying guides throughout the whole adventure period
  • Kayaks and complete equipment – paddle, float vest, spray-deck
  • Authorization for the Danube Delta access for individual persons and cars
  • Complete camping equipment: tent, individual sleeping mat, sleeping bag
  • Free access to the camping-sites where we sleep during the adventure
  • Campings and 2 nights accommodation in a traditional hunting guesthouse located in Harghita county – 2 persons in room
  • Rafting on the Olt river and renting the necessary equipment
  • Horseback riding of the islandic horses in the Harghita maneuver
  • Observation of bears in the wildness
  • Entrance and guidance inside the IVO Wildlife Park
  • High Speed ​​Boat at Cazanele Dunarii, with which we will cross the Danube through the mountains from Orsova to Ostrov Island (near Moldova Noua, aprox.70 km)
  • Local guides and rangers
  • Guidance and organization of all activities
  • Food & supplies
  • Consumables: insect protection, shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste and daily toiletries, sunscreen cream
  • Some front lamp and dry bag available
  • Some hammocks available
  • Our two minivans for the entire duration of the adventure, fuel included.
  • English speaker


What is not included in the price:

  • Other occasional personal expenses
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Airport transfers
  • Extra accommodation nights before & after tour. Optionally, depending on the flight schedule, we can arrange extra accommodation with extra costs.
  • Extra meals
  • Flight tickets (optionally we can reserve the flights)
  • Tips


Things you need to have with you:

  • Additional supplies (water, snacks, sweets, etc.) – we also make supplies during the adventure
  • Trekking shoes, light footwear for the days when we do not have trekking, rain cloaks, evening clothes according to personal thermal comfort, 1 fleece jacket
  • Small backpack for 1 day-tours and bigger backpack for 2-3 days-tours
  • Luggage must be put in travel bags, not in trolleys (no more than 2 medium sized bags/person)
  • Light and easy-to-dry clothes for the days spent on kayaks
  • Slippers, towels, bathing suit
  • Sun protection for the head (cap, hat, bandana), sunglasses
  • External battery (power bank)
  • Photo camera (for those who have one)


Important note:

  • We can organize this tour all year long
  • The tracks are easy – medium and NO PREVIOUS KAYAKING EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED

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